Investigating with Mathematics

2016 Investigating with Mathematics

Cost: $31.00 per entry. There is also an administration fee of $100.00 payable for entries from non-member schools.

Applications close: 3 June 2016

Entries to be delivered to: Tara Anglican School for Girls by Friday 29 July 2016 for judging.

Awards Ceremony: will take place on Wednesday 7 September 2016 at Tara Anglican School for Girls

Extra information appears in the 2016 Investigating with Mathematics Notes available here.

2016 Investigating with Mathematics Entry Form is available here.

For 2016 Registration click here.

The results for 2015 are available here.

Some comments from the judges from the 2015 entries were that:

  • the investigations need to have an emphasis on the mathematical basis of the investigation
  • there needs to be some depth in the investigation
  • it is not just retrieving information and data from the Internet
  • the investigators must show the processes they used through the diary and portfolio they use

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