HSC Lectures - Metropolitan

Students and teachers are able to attend one, two or three full days of lectures. Information about the content and scope of the lectures can be found in the links below. 

Lectures will be held at University of Sydney.

Students may choose to attend a Basics lecture or Beyond Basics or both.

Finding it difficult to choose between Basics or Beyond Basics? The following documents explain the content and intent of both days:

Mathematics General  Mathematics 2 Unit Mathematics Extension 1

MANSW has four very accomplished and experienced mathematics educators delivering our lectures:

  • Extension 2: David Houghton
  • Extension 1: Nordin Zuber
  • Mathematics (2 Unit): Eddie Woo
  • Mathematics General 2: Stuart Palmer

Ready to enrol? Select the lecture you plan to attend from the table below. This will take you to the registration page. If you want to attend another lecture, return to this page and select the next lecture.

Monday 3 July 2017
Tuesday 4 July 2017
Wednesday 5 July 2017

There is no Maths General
course offered today.

Maths General Basics

Maths General Beyond Basics

Maths 2 Unit Basics

Maths 2 Unit Beyond Basics (A)

Consider selecting the
Wednesday lecture which
may not be quite so full.

Maths 2 Unit Beyond Basics (B)

This is a repeat of
the Tuesday lecture

Maths Extension 1 Basics

There is no Maths Extension 1
course offered today.

Maths Extension 1 Beyond Basics

Maths Extension 2 Day 1

Maths Extension 2 Day 2

There is no Maths Extension 2
course offered today.

Extension 2 students may find the
Extension 1 Beyond Basics
course worthwhile.

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