PAM Committee

The Primary Association for Mathematics (PAM) is the committee of MANSW responsible for managing events that are directly targeted to assist Primary school teachers in their presentation of this vital subject.

The committee would welcome anyone who would like to contribute to the committee. Please contact Fiona if you would like to participate.

PAM Committee 2016 - 2017

Chairperson   Michelle Tregoning
Secretary   Rebecca Holubko
Committee Member   Maria Quigley​​
Committee Member   Catherine Attard
Committee Member   Sue Wall
Committee Member   Rebecca Ryan
Committee Member   Matt Thompson
Committee Member   Karen McDaid
Committee Member   Bernice Beechey
Committee Member   Katherin Cartwright
Committee Member   Julie Mott


PAM Committee Meetings

These meetings typically are from 5pm to 7pm on a Thursday evening. Refreshments are provided. The committee would welcome your attendance.

Date 2017   Venue
9 February   MANSW - Lidcombe
9 March   MANSW - Lidcombe​
4 May   MANSW - Lidcombe​
1 June   MANSW - Lidcombe
3 August   MANSW - Lidcombe​
12 October   MANSW - Lidcombe​
9 November   MANSW - Lidcombe


Mathematical Association of NSW Inc.
Tel: 02 9715 5800
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