MANSW Executive

MANSW Executive 2016 - 2017

President   John Meng  
Vice President   Maria Quigley  
Secretary   Lee Hyland  
Treasurer   Bernice Beechey  
Executive Member   Suzanne Berry  
Executive Member   Lisa Karbon  
Executive Member   Becky Lovelock  
Executive Member   Natalie Marriott  
Executive Member   Harry Mavrolefteros  
Executive Member   Karen McDaid  
Executive Member   Saugato Mukerji  
Executive Member   Anne Prescott  
Executive Member   Michelle Tregoning  
Executive Member   Nordin Zuber  




Executive Officer   Darius Samojlowicz  
Professional Learning Consultant K-8   Fiona Foley  
Professional Learning Consultant 7-12   Nikky Vanderhout  
Publications and Communications Officer   Zara Dobbie-Smitham  
Finance Officer   Heather Easton  
Events Co-ordinator   Zina Di Pino  


Board Meetings 2017   16 February   Newsletter deadlines   3 February
    16 March       28 April
    11 May       21 July
    8 June       13 October
    10 August   eNews deadlines   24 February
    16 September       19 May
    19 October       11 August
    23 November       3 November
2017 Planning Day   21 October
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