Life Members

Life Members of MANSW

Life Membership of MANSW is a great honour and rarely awarded. It is designed to recognise members of the association whose voluntary contributions to the MANSW Executive and its services to teachers and students have been outstanding.

2015 Dr Peter Gould
2009 Mrs Bernice Beechey
2002 Dr Judy Anderson
2002 Mr Grant Beard
2002 Mrs Anne Hastings
1996 Ms Mary Coupland
1996 Mr Kevin Ford
1996 Ms Mia Kumar
1996 Ms Helen Scanlon
1996 Ms Ann Thomas
1992 Mr Geoff Ball
1992 Mr John Conroy
1992 Mr Roger Eyland
1992 Professor John Mack
1992 Dr Beth Southwell
1992 Ms Joan Wilcox
1985 Professor Fred Chong
1985 Mr John Veness
1975 Mr J L Williams
1972 Mr T B Whight
1967 Mr R J Gillings
1967 Reverend Brother Liguori
1967 Dr I S Turner
1948 Mr H J Meldrum
1942 Mr G F Woolridge

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