Is there a benefit when you log in?

Yes. You are required to login to obtain member rates for events, conference, publications etc. Any forms that you access will automatically be populated with your details. You can also manage your personal details such as a change of address or workplace. (See also: How do I manage the details held by MANSW?)

Why is there a home button?

If you have navigated down through several categories to see some particular information, it can sometimes be awkward to navigate back again. Selecting the home key will return you to the opening screen for the MANSW website.

How do I manage the details held by MANSW?

Select the Membership tab and then select 'Check my details'. The Membership tab is about membership of the website. Anyone for whom MANSW keeps details can login to the website. This allows registration forms to be automatically populated with the person's details. MANSW members have many other benefits.

Can the site be used on other devices?

Yes, it can be used on computers as well as tablets and smart phones. Try shrinking the window on a normal screen to see how it behaves as the window is reduced.

Can I opt out of receiving MANSW emails?

Yes, at the bottom of the email there is an option to unsubscribe from emails. This will stop you receiving MANSW emails but you will still be able to login to the website.


For further assistance with managing your membership and event registration, view the step-by-step videos available here.


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