Become a Maths Teacher

Mathematics teaching is a rewarding career with excellent job prospects and a high degree of job security.

Eddie Woo, Mathematics Head Teacher at Cherrybrook Technology High School has described his reasons for teaching mathematics here in a five-minute video.

Qualified secondary mathematics teachers are in short supply and high demand in Australia and abroad. MANSW actively supports people who are on the road to a career as a mathematics teacher and continues to give support in the years that follow.

In this video Shella Tran from Randwick Girls' High School, talks about how important it is to have great mathematics teachers. 

There are thirteen tertiary institutions in NSW that offer programs for pre-service mathematics teachers. Some of these programs are undergraduate and others are postgraduate. Broad information and contact details will be posted here shortly.

MANSW maintains an email distribution list of people who have expressed interest in becoming a qualified secondary mathematics teacher. People on the list receive information such as:

  • University courses for the maths teachers of the future
  • Professional development courses and conferences
  • Scholarships for the maths teachers of the future
  • Finding a job as a maths teacher

Scholarship and Cadetship Programs

Year 12 students are invited to apply for the scholarship and cadetship programs offered by Teach.NSW.

Applications for the scholarship program close at the end of September each year.

The cadetship program is also administered by teach.NSW.

Information for School Leavers

If you are intending to use your ATAR to gain entry to university, be aware that some universities give bonus ATAR points to students who have achieved high results in Mathematics (2 Unit), Extension 1 and Extension 2. Details are available on the web-site of each university.

Information for University Students

Some universities offer a postgraduate program that can be completed after your first degree. It may be possible that you have already completed enough mathematics subjects to enter one of these and then gain employment. If you are studying to teach a subject other than mathematics, it may be possible to also become qualified in mathematics. This will greatly improve you job prospects.

Re-training as a Mathematics Teacher

Some universities offer a program that specifically caters for practising teachers who wish to add mathematics to their teaching repertoire.

The following information may be of use to people seeking detailed information about the mathematics teacher-training programs offered by universities in NSW.

Contact a Teacher-training Provider

Australian Catholic University Dr Chris Longhurst
Avondale College Admissions Office
Charles Sturt University Kerrie Cullis
Macquarie University Dr Michael Cavanagh
The University of Newcastle Dr Elena Prieto
The University of Sydney Assoc Prof Judy Anderson
Western Sydney University Professor Kathyrn Holmes ‚Äč
University of Wollongong UniAdvice Team
University of New South Wales School of Education
University of Technology, Sydney Dr Anne Prescott


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